Respectively named after the state of Indiana’s nickname, the Hoosier lottery is not only  the state’s first lottery but also the most popular within state lines since the early 1990s.   


Hoosier Hometown Favorite Hoosier Lotto has sold over 115 jackpot tickets worth over one BILLION DOLLARS since 1994*. This hometown favorite awards on average more than 24,000 cash prizes and over 165,000 free Hoosier Lotto tickets each week**.

The fun starts at just a buck! Just ask for a Hoosier Lotto Quick Pick or pick your favorite numbers. Match at least two of your numbers to the winning numbers drawn every Wednesday and Saturday, to win.


The jackpot starts at $4,000,000, which is paid pari-mutuel. That is, the amount allocated for the top-prize is divided among te winners. If there is no winer, the jackpot rolls over to the next draw.  The Indiana Hoosier Lotto costs $1.

Ezmatch is an add-on game available with Hoosier Lotto that gives you a chance to instantly win up to $500! All you have to do is add EZmatch to your Hoosier Lotto for just $1, and a 1:5.1 chance at a cash prize instantly

How to play

To win the Hoosier Lotto jackpot you must match all 6 numbers. You may also win lesser prizes by matching 2, 3, 4, and 5 numbers. The odds* for winning the Indiana Hoosier Lotto are as follows:3346791884_f40dcd6b5c_o


Match Estimated Prize Odds
6-of-6 $4,000,000, Pari-mutuel, Rollover 1 in 12,271,512
5-of-6 Pari-mutuel 1 in 48,696
4-of-6 Pari-mutuel 1 in 950
3-of-6 $3 1 in 53
2-of-6 Free QP 1 in 7




Shantay Britman, a $6.5 million winner on your hometown favorite game Hoosier Lotto

Check out the Hoosier Lottery’s latest winner on the Hometown Favorite Hoosier Lotto. Robert Simmons became the first Hoosier Lotto Jackpot winner of 2011 when he won the $9.5 million for the January 5 drawing.